All American Red Heads 1936-86

Most successful women's barnstorming team ever.    Their bright red hair was their calling card In 2012, they became the first women's basketball team ever inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. 

Helen Stephens Olympic Co-Eds  38-43

Olympic gold medalist would create her own barnstorming team, a year after she played a single season with the All American Red Heads.

Grover Cleveland Alexander All Stars

A famous major league pitcher for 20 years created this barnstorming team and would have Globetrotter owner, Abe Saperstein handle the booking.

 Ozark Hill Billies 38-43

A second team created by Red Heads owner, Ole Olson. They would dress in "hill billy' outfits and then remove them to reveal their game uniforms. 

Arkansas Travelers  (48-67)

All American Hazel Walker traded her amateur status to d create, coach and play on her own team. 

Texas Cow Girls 49-77

The second longest women's barnstorming team to ever take the court.  The team started in Chicago.

Shooting Stars/ Arkansas Lassies   (62-73)

2 professional players Elvera "Peps" Neuman and Linda Yearby would become partners for their own teams.

Royal Maids (71-72)

2 business men out of Kansas City saw the opportunity of barnstorming and dollar signs.  The team lasted 1 season.

Arkansas Gems  73-88

Peps Neuman would go on her own and create the Gems.  This "Arkansas" team was actually based out of Minnesota.

Arkansas Lassies   (73-76)

Linda Yearby would end up with the "Lassies" name and continue to travel until 1976.  Team based out of Ionia, Michigan.

Southern Belles  (67-71)

Ben Overman, coach for the All American Red Heads, would part with the team to start his own.  Based out of Caraway Arkansas, like the Red Heads.

The Pink Panthers 1974-75

A team that wanted to take barnstorming to the next level with an actual league.  Played 1 exhibition game and barnstormed for several months.

WBL - Women's Basketball League (78-81)

The first professional league to ever finish an entire season.  Would feature some of the greatest players in the world


While Title IX passed 1972, the NCAA wouldnt govern the women's game until the 1980s.  However, a woman would end up playing in the NCAA in 1974

   Barnstorming America, Stories from the Pioneers of Women's Basketball